Did you know...drilling a new well and having its necessary components installed could cost more than replacing your roof, HVAC system, and major appliances...combined?! This is why we offer 6 months of FREE WelGard Protection for every Enhanced Well Inspection we perform. Have a look at their details and you'll quickly see why this no-deductible warranty is one of the most valuable protections you can place on your home. 

Many "well inspections" involve starting a stop watch and filling a 5 gallon bucket to calculate the well's flow rate in gallons per minute (gpm). A high gpm is all that matters, right? Nope, very wrong.

Our Enhanced Well Inspection is far more...well...enhanced! Yes, we will fill a 5 gallon bucket a few different times while measuring a more accurate flow rate over the duration of the test. This simulates the system's average daily household usage and gives us valuable insight into the well's recovery rate, or how quickly the water coming into the well is replaced. While gpm is an important measurement, the holistic picture is far more crucial to truly understand your well's performance. 

Major Components

We will look closely at - and document - all of your well system's major components like the riser and cap, electrical control boxes, and the pressure tank with it's piping , fittings, and gauges. We'll also document any information pertaining to the well's installation or well logs, if available. 

Measurements and Calculations

We'll perform a cycle time measurement to determine if the pressure tank is working within specifications. An abnormally low or high cycle rate (frequency of the pump starting/stopping to fill the pressure tank) can indicate issues that need addressed. We'll also perform an amperage reading, which, similarly to the cycle time, can tell if the system is working as intended or is over-stressed. 

Water Quantity vs Quality

Our Enhanced Well Inspection provides the best information about your system's components and the water quantity you can expect. Water quality, however, is a completely different test that requires a sample and laboratory analysis to confirm that your water is safe for use. Please check out our Water Quality service to learn more and combine this important test with you Enhanced Well Inspection for a discount! 

Your Report

You will receive a report that is filled with our detailed analysis of your well system. Any defects will be clearly annotated and simple for a qualified well contractor to understand and correct, if necessary. You'll also receive your FREE 6 months of WelGard Protection through Well Guardian Corporation with zero obligations.