Stacked Pipes


At Cameron Home Inspections, we are SewerScan Certified to get "eyes on" this crucial  (and otherwise impossible to visually inspect) component of your home. Sewer system repairs or replacement are not only messy, but very expensive!


As the sewer pipe, or "lateral" exits your home and travels underground to either a septic tank or public sewer system, it is susceptible to the following defects...each of which can lead to sewage leaks or backups into your home!

  • Root intrusion 

  • Collapsed sections of pipe

  • Separated joints

  • Low, sagging areas or "bellies" 

  • Mineral/rust build up or "scaling" 

  • Blockages 

Sewer Lateral.png

Our lighted, high-definition Wohler camera with pan and tilt capability means no potential issues go unseen! Your report will include a complete video of the entire lateral (unless a blockage is found that cannot be passed). Want to learn more about sewer systems and this important inspection service? Read my blog post here.

Sewer Scope.jpg
What you see...
sewer scope example.jpg
What I see! 
A nearly complete blockage due to root intrusion!