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Did you know...drilling a new well and having its necessary components installed could cost more than replacing your roof, HVAC system, and major appliances...combined?! 

My Advanced Well Inspection is far more...well...advanced! Many well inspections simply require filling a 5-gallon bucket while timing it with a stop watch. This will provide some information, but not the whole picture. My analysis will not only provide a more accurate gallon-per-minute measurement to simulate the system's average daily household usage, but also gives valuable insight into the well's recovery quickly the water coming into the well is replaced. 

I will look closely at and document all of your well system's visible components:

  • Riser and cap

  • Electrical control boxes

  • Pressure tank

  • Piping, fittings, and gauges

  • Cycle rate measurement

  • Amperage draw reading

  • Documentation of the well's installation or logs, if available

Your Advanced Well Inspection will provide the most complete view of this entire system. If your home has a well, don't pass on this incredibly important analysis! 

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