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Good, clean water from your home's faucets is critical for everyday life...but just because the water looks clear does not mean it's free from harmful contaminants and microscopic bacteria. 

Many lending programs require a property to pass a water quality test as part of the loan approval process. My water quality test satisfies the standards for VA, FHA, HUD, and USDA loans on properties that have a private water source.  

Water which is provided from a public utility is typically monitored and treated for contaminants, but private water sources like that from a well or cistern come directly from the ground and can carry with it all sorts of things that can be harmful to consume. 

Some of the most common contaminants we check for are: 

  • Bacteria (E. coli and total Coliform)

  • Nitrates and Nitrites

  • Lead

Each of these potential contaminants can be harmful to consume, and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has established Primary Drinking Water Standards which must be met for potability before the home loan process can be approved. 

Sample Water Report.jpg

My water quality test adheres to the standards set forth by the above-mentioned lending programs, and each sample is analyized by an accredited third-party laboratory. Want to learn more about common contaminants that could be in your water? Check out my blog post here! 

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